Pressure Washing for your Maryland House, Siding, Deck and more.

Super Clean Pressure Washing specializes in cleaning your house exterior, driveway, fence and sidewalks.

  • Safe and effective pressure washing techniques
  • Removal surface dirt and grime to give your house a fresh new look
  • Mold, mildew and algae* removal creates a cleaner atmosphere for breathing and allergy issues

Is pressure washing a safe way to get your siding clean?
Yes! Super Clean Pressure Washing technicians have extensive training on safely cleaning siding

You'll love our Soft Wash System - safe pressure washing for your house siding.

Our Soft Wash system is designed to protect your vinyl and painted aluminum siding during the pressure washing process. This low pressure system allows us to "super clean" your siding without harming painted trim and other painted areas. Is your paint oxidized or flaking? Please discuss the conditions with us before proceeding. *Disclaimer: Artillery fungus (small black specs) can withstand high levels of pressure washing.

Deck Cleaning
Many people attempt to pressure wash themselves and often find their decks are reduced to a pile of toothpicks after many hours of work. Our professional tools allow us to clean while protecting your deck from damage. We use a low pressure system and also utilize chemicals to make your deck look like new.
Concrete Cleaning
With our special power washing tools we can remove or lighten most stains from concrete, asphalt, sandstone, pavers, bricks, and patterned concrete.

The Super Clean Experts for Residential Pressure Washing Needs

Super Clean Pressure Washing serves Westminster, MD, Carroll County, Baltimore County, Howard County & Frederick, Md. 10+ years experience restoring and maintaining your property.

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