Commercial Pressure Washing in Baltimore, Carroll & Howard County and Frederick, Maryland.

Commercial Power Washing Services for:
Restaurants • Storefronts • Shopping Centers • Outdoor Cafes • Service/Gas Stations

Make your exterior and interior inviting to customers through our power washing cleaning services. We have 20 years experience restoring restaurant/stores ceiling, walls, floors and concrete to like new conditions. For a “Super Clean” look call us today: 410.596.8637. We offer special hours so we can clean your business when it is most convenient for you.

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Commercial Concrete Pressure Washing:

• Sidewalks
• Walkways
• Entrance Areas
• Drive-Thru Lanes
• Parking Areas
• Dumpster Pads


Ceiling Tile

Halfway through the cleaning process of power washing house siding.

Restaurant ceilings eventually get dingy from grease but you don’t have to replace your ceiling tile to get a new look. Using our special VersaTile™ system we can remove oil, dust, dirt, mildew and smoke residue from all types of ceilings including acoustical tile. There will be no dripping, streaking, marring or discoloration with our unique cleaning procedure. Let us thoroughly clean and restore the tiles back to their bright color.


If your walls have a dull look from grease and dirt our special cleaning procedure is the perfect solution. Instead of repainting your walls we can get them clean with our special VersaTile™ system. We can remove oil, dust, dirt, mildew and smoke residue from all types of wall surfaces.

Tiled Floors

Se provide tiled floor power cleaning for kitchen and dining areas. If your standard cleaning is not able to restore your floors to their original look then request our pressure washing services. Our special vacuum system completely removes the dirt and leaves you with a beautiful floor.

Your Super Clean Pressure Washing experts offer a “super clean” and safe process.

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